Starlink™ Dishy Mount

A permanent mounting point for your Starlink™ Dishy. Precision laser cut and welded stainless steel Dishy Mount with a durable powder coating for unmatched corrosion resistance.

Long-lasting durability that will withstand your rigorous use, delivering a stable, reliable Starlink™ Mount that will not fail when connectivity counts!

Starlink for your Van or RV?

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DishyMount: Cable Routing

 DishyMount includes multiple options for cable routing when mounting your Starlink™ Standard Actuated or High Capacity Dishy

Captive Cable option, along with trailing cable. In addition the base of the mount is open, giving a third option of captive through the base.

Space Saving: DishyMount replaces Starlink Base dramatically reducing space required to mount DishySpace Saving: DishyMount replaces Starlink Base dramatically reducing space required to mount Dishy

DishyMount: Space Saving

DishyMount replaces Starlink™  Base, dramatically reducing space required to mount Dishy on your vehicle, van or RV.

When sighting your permanent Starlink mounting pointing the DishyMount opens up more options on your roof or roof rack. Reducing the space required to securly fit the Starlink Dishy mount from 320mm x 520mm to a 100mm diameter circle, whilst freeing you to use the orignal Dishy mount for other locations.

Simple, Secure or Permanent Mounting

The Starlink™ Standard Actuated post latches with DishyMount.

DishyMount can be used for permanent mounting by securing the Dishy post through DishyMount side holes.

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