Local warranty periods apply from the date of purchase. This warranty does not affect any statutory rights that you may be entitled to. Keep a copy of your purchase receipt as proof of purchase. Failure to provide proof of purchase may void the warranty.


  • Starvmount products are intended for installation by telecommunications professionals or users with similar technical experience.
  • Undertake your own risk assessment regarding placement and attachment when fitting. Always prioritize the safety of others and yourself.
  • Ensure your Starvmount DishyMount is securely fastened and all fasteners are tightened to the recommended torque settings before use.
  • Confirm that your Starlink Dishy is correctly attached to the DishyMount before use.
  • DishyMount is NOT designed for use as an In-Motion mount. NEVER leave the Starlink™ Dishy mounted in the DishyMount when the vehicle or craft is “in motion”. Doing so could pose a danger to others and may result in damage to your Starlink™ Dishy.
  • Starvmount products are provided "as-is," with no warranty regarding compatibility with current or future versions of Starlink™ products.


  • It is crucial to read and understand all DishyMount instructions, including the associated cautions and warnings, before using or installing any Starvmount product.
  • Improper attachment or use of the Starvmount mount could result in property or vehicle damage, serious harm, injury, or death, for which you (“Purchaser”), not the Manufacturer, are responsible.
  • You are responsible for inspecting all aspects of the product prior to use, ensuring all components are present and not damaged. Additionally, inspect all attachments prior to each use to ensure there is no need for adjustment or repair.


To the extent permitted by law, the Manufacturer of this product excludes liability for any damages, loss, legal sanction, or defects resulting from your failure to follow the instructions, warnings, and cautions in this document or caused by factors beyond the Manufacturer’s control. The Manufacturer’s total liability in respect of this warranty is limited to the replacement of the products.

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