DishyNOAC - Starlink Dishy DC Power Supply

Introducing the DishyNOAC, the perfect solution for unleashing the full potential of your Starlink Dishy in a Mobile, Van or RV setting. Say goodbye to the constraints of the Starlink Router and embrace the freedom to power your Dishy using DC power while utilizing your preferred Wi-Fi Access Point/Router.

By eliminating the need for AC power and subsequent inverter losses, DishyNOAC enables longer operating times with significantly reduced power consumption. Choose from our range of 12/24/48v versions, equipped with high-performance power supply and network interface specifically designed for the Starlink Dishy.

With DishyNOAC, all you need is DC power input, and we take care of the rest. Simplified installation with individual fuses for Power In, Dishy, and AUX Power Out. Easily isolate power to the Dishy or the entire unit with a press of a switch. Plus an auxiliary power out, powering your Access Point/Router.

Upgrade to DishyNOAC and unlock the full potential of your Starlink Dishy in your Van or RV. With efficient power management and freedom to choose you Access Point/Router the DishyNOAC is the perfect travel companion for your Starlink.


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