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A permanent mounting point for your Starlink™ Standard Actuated Dishy on your boat or craft. Precision laser cut and welded stainless steel Dishy Mount with a durable powder coating for unmatched corrosion resistance.

Designed to stand up to the extremes, this starlink maritime mount is impervious to both sweltering heat and freezing cold, ensuring your Starlink™ Dishy remains steadfast in any climate and impervious to prolonged exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Long-lasting durability that will withstand your rigorous use, delivering a stable, reliable Starlink™ Mount that will not fail when connectivity counts!

DishyMount is designed to replace the Starlink™ base, offering an equally stable base while dramatically reducing the space required to mount your Starlink™ Dishy.

Attach the DishyMount to a roof, roof rack/bars, deck, or other flat surface. Once attached, the Starlink™ Dishy can be easily and securely "deployed" via the DishyMount.


Simple Fitting

The Starlink™ Dishy post latches with DishyMount.

Flexible Attachment Options

The DishyMount base includes M8 slots or M6 holes as mechanical attachment options.

The DishyMount base has sufficient surface area for securing with suitable adhesive if preferred mechanical attachment is not possible, such as fitting to a GRP fibreglass surface.

Cable Routing Options

Flying Cable Routing. Captive Cable Routing. Contained Cable Routing.

Compatibility: Starlink™ STANDARD ACTUATED (REV3: 2022), Starlink™ HIGH PERFORMANCE (2022)

Other DishyMount Features

  1. Precision Engineering: Laser-cut and laser-welded to perfectly interface with Starlink™ Dishy.
  2. Durable: Manufactured from Stainless Steel (304) - highly resistant to corrosion.
  3. Strong: Engineered to withstand winds in excess of 50 mph (60 N).
  4. Choice of Finish: Powder Coated; Black, White, Grey, or RAW bead blasted for a finish of your choice.

Starlink™ In-motion Usage

DishyMount is NOT designed to be used as an In-Motion mount. NEVER leave Starlink™ Dishy mounted in the DishyMount when the vehicle or craft is “in motion”. Doing so could pose a danger to others and may result in damage to your Starlink™ Dishy.

Secure or Permanent Mounting

DishyMount can be used for permanent mounting by securing the Dishy post through DishyMount side holes. These holes can also be used to secure temporary mounting.

Secure or Permanent Mounting Modification Instruction (OPTIONAL)

The 9mm diameter holes on either side of the mount are specifically positioned so that when drilled into the Dishy post, the resulting holes do not interfere with the inner workings of the Dishy latch. To use this feature follow these steps:

  1. Fit Starlink™ Dishy in DishyMount, ensuring the latch is correctly engaged.
  2. Mark each side hole position on Dishy post.
  3. Remove Dishy from mount and mark the centre of each side hole.
  4. Drill a small 2mm diameter pilot hole in each side centre mark.
  5. Carefully and slowly drill an 8.5mm diameter hole using the 2mm pilot hole position from each side of the post.

Now you're ready to secure the Dishy in the DishyMount using a suitable padlock or M8 bolt.

More Information

More Information
Manufacturer Starvmount
Compatibility Starlink™ STANDARD ACTUATED (REV3: 2022), Starlink™ HIGH PERFORMANCE (2022)
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Manufacture Part Number DSHYMNT-STNLSS-WHT
Condition new
Material Stainless Steel 304
Colour White
Finish Powder Coated
Dimension - Width 100mm
Dimension - Length 100mm
Dimension - Height 100mm

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